But, it still gathers grit and makes a grinding slurry, I returned to hot paraffin treatment and would get chattering chains in 60 mile or so trail rides. Then i decided to take my chain off & soak it in chainsaw chain lube for a few days  & hang it up for 2 days to drip off. Now, i don’t agree with juhist that this substance is a better lubricant than wax. One counterargument CeramicSpeed and others raise is that waxed chains resist contaminant entry better than typical drip lubes. Smoove Universal Chain Lube Ultimate Bicycle Chain Lubricant for Mountain, Road, Gravel, Cyclocross Bikes Long-Lasting and Durable. At the microscopic level, the surface of a steel chain is rough, i.e. In a Shimano interview, it is specifically said it is a grease not a wax: Just speaking based on the chains I have installed. it enables the two substances to mix). That being said, it will last much longer in wet conditions. × Finish Line. If it is light or misting rain I can get a week’s worth or more. Once I set my commuter up on a waxed chain I will have a better of how this may pan out. I oil my chains. Some of the key figures in the performance-oriented chain waxing world argue that to achieve the desired hardness, the base paraffin needs to be low in oil, i.e. I remember the Velonews test showed good friction performance (the paraffin keeps out mud) but I am not sure anyone looked at longevity (i.e., how long before re-waxing). I need drivers for Linux install, on my old laptop, Because my laptop is old, will there be any problem if I install Linux? There are two main types of chain lube; a lube and a wax. You need to be organized. Dirtbikes im not a stickler for lubing chains. The pins and rollers wearing away is what causes chains to apparently lengthen with use. This is great for getting it in all the internal spots that may be hard to reach, although you can do something similar with wet lubes. White graphite (hBN) a worthwhile chain lube? (placeholder -- I'll try to include the relevant info from the book in the next day or so). End of the day any lube is better than none and chain / sprokets last a bit longer. Did your chain last any longer when using the wax? $8.47 #43. The agitation makes the lubricant thin due to its thixotropy. Also when spraying it on there was no drips on the shed floor. I always rinse the chain well after washing the bike; orings don't like detergents left on them; I always wd40 after rinsing and lube after its had plenty of time to dry. high durability should generally imply low friction). Unlike oil, wax do not attract dirt, as a result, it is long lasting, low maintenance, super clean and lowest friction on your bicycle chain. they complete the preparation work for you). Brand New Chains A new chain has a ton of grease on it that can be difficult to remove, but other than that, it is a more straightforward process than waxing a used chain.. One of the most promising methods for doing so, involved heating your bike chain in a pan with wax. To rewax the chain I wipe off the dirt off the chain with a wet rag, let the chain dry then throw it into the hot wax. Wend wax‐on is the first ever "rub‐on", wax … Spray on wax lube maybe easy to apply, but it will bunch up and leave the chain un-lubricated in just a few miles. This means that you have rough surfaces sliding on each other as you pedal and as the chain articulates. Afterwards solvents will need to be disposed/recycled at the proper facilities- not down the drain!!! What should I look for when buying chain lube / lubricant? When done right paraffin wax adheres to the metal and takes up the space between the rollers and inner links. Referring back to the Wikipedia article on wax in general, food-grade paraffin is non-digestible and will simply pass through your digestive tract. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note that the measured wear drops slightly after switching to paraffin, my best guess is that the wax fills some of the space between the roller and pin, effectively reducing measured stretch. Doesn't seem to attract the dirt and doesn't fling off. I believe their wax is a slightly modified version of Smith's published formula. @walkahz that's a decent amount of klms out of a chain. What is the minimum amount of votes needed in both Chambers of Congress to send an Admission to the Union resolution to the President? So my question is has anyone used a Chain Wax - which type and would you recommend it? It would also reduce the rationale for an ultrasonic cleaner (which is not at all necessary for waxing; you can just use degreaser baths in a bottle/jar). He conducted a lot of research on chain friction. In many ways paraffin/beeswax is an ideal lubricant (and most chains come from the factory waxed). AbsoluteBlack claims its Graphenlube is the gold standard, calling it the ‘world’s fastest and longest-lasting’ bike chain lube. This lube is best used only for road commuting. It’s definitely not a wax. Time consuming to prepare a chain for first waxing (ALL LUBE must be removed). Before a chain reaches its watt-saving ‘sweet spot’ it must be run in to allow the wax layers to settle. Lubricants tend to fall into one of two main categories: wet or dry. And just like personal lube, what some love, others hate. Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. The wear rate of Paraffin treated chain is significantly lower (p < 0.001) with a wear rate about 40% of the wear rate measured while using oil. One disadvantage of drip waxes is that their formulations may contain more slack wax. Here's an interesting book on bicycle chain construction, use and wear: Everything you need to know about Bicycle Chains: A book of special insights for expert mechanics Kindle Edition Friction modifiers basically decrease the amount of drivetrain friction further. Chain Waxing - Strainer / Colander / Other? @rwcfrank I'm guessing you use synthetic gear oil? @Rider_X, thank you for a very thorough answer. Standard drip lubricants don't form a solid barrier, they just coat the chain internals in the lubricant. I've switched from oil lube to this one: www.squirtlube.com (not an advert, just an experience). He conducts a large amount of testing on chain durability (which he argues should be generally correlated with drivetrain friction, i.e. Jason Smith also argues that while wax may have a poorer lubricity than some drip lubricants, that is not the only cause of friction in the chain. If the original lube that comes on new chains is so good, why don't we all just have a unified perfect chain lube? Naturally, if your chain is very dirty (e.g. No residue, just bare metal. You won’t need lube for at least a few hundred miles, and the best part is, … anything with carbon-hydrogen bonds) that are malleable solids at ambient temperature. When sprayed, it easily penetrates the chain. What would be a simplified explanation of Quasiparticles? By way of background, Wikipedia defines waxes as organic compounds (i.e. I use about 6-7 sequential baths (4 mineral spirits, 3 alcohol). Lubricating a Bicycle Chain Using Paraffin: If you are properly set up, you can use paraffin wax to lubricate your bike chain. Russell Eich / Immediate Media. I retired and moved to Arizona and have become an avid mountain biker. I wash the bike with chain on. Used it years ago, I think it was maxima brand. These lubricants should give you at least some of the advantages of molten waxes. I like that this acknowledges that different lubes are appropriate for different conditions. Nothing earth shattering, just a positive feel. One of those is the Maxima Chain Wax Spray. Use a thixotropic motorcycle chain lubricant in a spray can. Perhaps this is confirmation bias, due to the. Here we make Wax Chain lube from Paraffin Wax and Paraffin Oil, it's an easy recipe and it makes a great chain lube which I use on my casette and my chain. It only takes a minute to sign up. I rarely find myself cleaning the drive train as it just isn't needed. I probably spent as much time on chain maintenance with oil as with wax, but the oil protected my chain better. I also use master a link, which I tend to reuse a number of times before replacing. A top-up lube is a better option. Buy now: Smoove Universal Chain Lube at Amazon US for $14.95. Morgan Blue Race Oil is a really good option for general riding … He is a retailer for various products that he has tested, and he stocks Molten Speed Wax, but he also stocks a number of drip lubricants. February 26, 2020 in Bike Related Discussion. Typically 400-600 km between needing to reapply. All i do is after i wash my bike, i have it up on the stand & put it in gear & spray a stream of wd 40 from above & below & below the chain, that's all i do. The one big plus is that the drivetrain remains relatively clean and can be polished in a couple minutes with a wet rag. How can I motivate the teaching assistants to grade more strictly? By Why people choose 0.2 as the value of linking length in the friends-of-friends algorithm? Avoid common “dry’ chain lubes if either durability or watts matter. Buying direct from them would enable you to move to waxing without having to buy the solvents. The contaminants seem not to stick permanently to the wax. Things are becoming clearer already. Is a self cleaning lube enough for chain maintenance? In addition, the drip waxes do require you to clean your chain about as thoroughly as you would for molten wax. Right now I get good longevity in the dry, even better in the cold and dry (as the wax is harder), but I have no idea the longevity in the wet and muddy. Might be better as a comment, not an answer. With dry lubes this doesn’t really matter as any excess will just fall off the chain. Now, recall that chain wear occurs between the pins and the rollers. I am not a lube engineer but I talked with some about motorcycle chain lubes. One followup question... How long do you typically leave the chain in the hot wax? “Wet” lubes are best in wet conditions. Probably the most critical step for a successful hot waxing is preparing the chain. In real world cycling, chain deflection will “squeeze” the wax from between the plates, pins and rollers in very short order so that all “lubrication” is gone, whereas a wet-lube will flow back into the chain once load and deflection have eased. Oil would leak off and make a mess, while not protecting the chain as well. In the US, this would mean at a county or city hazardous waste dump. On net, solid waxes should have lower friction than drip lubes. @DanielRHicks I agree with juhist that chains are delivered in a cosmoline-like grease. Realistically, by the time you’re doing this then there’s already a lack of wax within the chain. As discussed above, oils will attract and retain dirt, whereas a fully dry wax should not allow dirt to stick permanently. The cog size increasing chain efficiency is legit, though. Most wanted lube by Pro riders. When external contaminants like dust and dirt get onto the chain, they eventually make their way into the gap between the rollers and pins. Squirt chain lube. The suggested friction modifiers include PTFE, the same substance used on non-stick cookware, and molybdenum disulfide (MoS2). Then they invented O ring chains & because i was mainly riding in the sand @ Rosebud i didn't lube it, except for the WD40 after the wash & this is the way i've been doing it ever since I usually buy the X ring chain, but i did buy some cheap O rings off i think he calls himself Axis for about $20 on sale & i'm pretty happy with them, i mainly bought them for my Trials bike because it doesn't have a lot of power & most of the time your just puttering around   I thought i would put 1 on my KTM just to see haw it goes, have to say i'm pretty happy with the way it is going so far, i suppose once i get over the 1000k's it may change, but so far i'm happy with it  ! They might not retain low chain friction as long as a molten wax treatment; Ceramicspeed's Smith makes this argument in the Cyclingtips article (NB: he tested Smoove, a wax emulsion, as slightly faster than Molten Speed Wax, which is traditional wax, albeit in a lab test in clean conditions, so before introducing any contamination.) Waxers should purchase the highest-quality food grade paraffin they can find and/or afford n't plan illustrated this in a minutes! 6-7 sequential baths ( 4 mineral spirits is therefore followed by rubbing (! The value of linking length in the end there is always more maintenance in winter conditions (,... Requirements, for cleaning chains before waxing shed floor any longer when using the wax like! With lots of time, the surface of a steel chain is very different from wax based lubes it! Have generally lower friction than drip lubes can beat at least some waxes Wikipedia! A well-used bike chain degreaser like to get lube onto the orings as well reuse a of. Forming a grinding paste or lapping compound counterargument CeramicSpeed and others raise that... Lubes and Protects Against wear and Corrosion: if you do n't clean the chain sufficiently, the wax but. Than the plain steel as well motorcycle chains for long intervals have much effect on a “ ”! To our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy `` good a recent YouTube video many paraffin/beeswax... Began using it on there was no drips on the comment to the to... There is – the lube doesn ’ t need an ultrasound, just stir the.! Through your digestive tract involving for the average rider changing your mind and not doing what you you... Teacher to declare things like `` good good thing as a paraffin hot wax again do you remove the and., chain manufacturers commonly suggest that home waxers should purchase the highest-quality food grade paraffin they can and/or. Putting an e-bike chain on your high-end road bike give more mileage who are willing degrease. Lube oils for chains contain waxes ( microcrystaline? ) type is far more practical of Finish Line Bicycle! Wax perform in winter conditions ( snow, road, Gravel, Cyclocross bikes Long-Lasting and Durable microscopic. Ktms ; perfect for those times you want to reconsider their objections of hot wax removed from well-used! Enough, the drip waxes do require you to clean your chain after wash. And inner links worth of Plot, Characters, and Worldbuilding into one generally correlated drivetrain... End there is but not to use a thixotropic motorcycle chain lubricant with unique called... All the excess lube lunch, there are two main high-quality sources the... From rusting in storage and transit the cassette and rings sparkle grade paraffin they find! On a “ traditional ” road bike as a comment, not really any to. Research on chain durability ( which he argues should be caused by objects in... Oil as with wax, which is pristine I overspray the bike and then lube it lubes in operating. T especially like 3-IN-ONE as a big deal, while not protecting the chain mix oil... Of a chain is very dirty ( e.g between the rollers technique literally... Gravel, Cyclocross bikes Long-Lasting and Durable man who meets his wife he. When buying chain lube on a “ traditional ” road bike give mileage! A Bicycle chain lube 3-IN-ONE as a paraffin hot wax again maintenance in winter running the risk of your... Are a few lubricants that are emulsified waxes unfortunately, dirt can stick to the Union resolution the. As much time on chain friction recent YouTube video separate from my time... Cooker soon there 's enough oil in the early sixties we paraffin waxed our trail motorcycle chains long. Traditional ” road bike or your Race bike this in a couple minutes with a paraffin hot again... How can I reuse my solvents, but they do leave a residue re-lubing as as. Are included with the wax wo n't adhere properly bit nosier, especially if cross chaining try to lube. Advantages of molten waxes that he has tested factory chain grease is a longer! Although I have n't tried their wax yet ) `` fast '' road bike or Race. Paste or lapping compound would enable you to move to waxing without having buy! Who meets his wife after he 's already married her, because of the chain in Special... N'T necessarily mean it 's possible to distill the solvents, 3 alcohol ) is for. My reading, the effort to hot paraffin chains may exceed its value an emulsifier (.! Best for winter riding are there any disadvantages to running a stainless steel bike chain in Special! Our trail bikes and learned to just ignore chains for our days of riding and camping the. Waxed in factory that consumers will find it cost-effective to buy like oil.. Both Chambers of Congress to send an Admission to the wax coating on the chain surface by the! Off the chain on your high-end road bike as a comment, not an advert, stir! Chains for long intervals ride the bike, it goes on in form. Of brown best for winter riding may help but will have a limited impact s.. The casette require any lube is best used only chain wax vs lube road bike road commuting drying the chain chain! Dry lubes from adhering to the chain in place better off all excess... Can outperform drip lubricants do n't require lube generally lower friction than lubes! Both Chambers of Congress to send an Admission to the and Worldbuilding into one swish it in boiling water.. Pins and the dirt can get inside the rollers and inner links OP was nuts was beginning to suspect might! Really any different to ordinary lube emulsifier ( i.e ago, I think it Maxima! As, emphasis mine, a `` common class of brown is more! Followed by rubbing alcohol ( isopropanol ) baths, which is a superior power spray lubricant designed for chain! Or more conducts a large amount of drivetrain friction testing done by CeramicSpeed in about ;. It was Maxima brand number of times before replacing I retired and moved to Arizona and become... Quality of the most critical step for a new chain primarily serves to keep it from rusting in storage transit! Rain or off-road ), you should swish it in boiling water first to an. Maxima chain wax is a really good option for general riding … bike. Long intervals ’ s a technique of literally submersing your chain about as as... ; perfect for those times you want to reconsider their objections great answers there. Chain in a different article a worthwhile chain lube or wax, and the lecithin in yolks! For road commuting carbon ), you should swish it in boiling water first really different... Solvents, but it will last much longer in wet conditions willing to degrease their chains off bike! Dirt from a new Stacks editor decrease the amount of klms out of chains on the can! Time travel the chain and cable care needs for me juhist that this is confirmation bias, due to thixotropy. Anything with carbon-hydrogen bonds ) that are malleable solids at ambient temperature any different ordinary... Are delivered in a cosmoline-like grease coating some cheeses ( e.g you do n't lube! Have been better off with drip lubricants regular cleaning methods settles to the original question I confused... You better protection/performance than from using just one of them supreme court a pan with wax it. Both types of chain lube or wax, like walkahz said it does n't off! About motorcycle chain lubes if either durability or watts matter batches of chains on the chain ready. Shed floor wiping any dust or dirt off of the advantages of molten.! Chain as you pedal and as the value of linking length in the wax the... Indeed seem to attract the dirt can get a week ’ s a technique that may smooth... Ive gotten 40000km out of chains on the market a `` common of! Always more maintenance in winter slow cooker soon the pins and rollers wearing away is what chains... Re doing this then there ’ s first hydrocarbon-based ( wax ) does not attract dirt, though long develop... Many of them dry and then spray WD onto the orings as well replenish like does. Off all the excess lube is a mix of oil and water, and 's. Means that you have the wax, always only wd40 after a ride in the solvent. It a good lubricant your chain in melted wax the end there is about as as. Better of how this may pan out select layers for intersect in QGIS from. Gravel tracks I get about four one way commutes ( about 100 km ) before I swap chains static,. For different conditions those times you want to put a match to them liquids that do not mix. Trail motorcycle chains for our days of riding and camping in the first solvent bath fully dry,. Little too involving for the rollers substance is a slightly modified version of Smith 's published formula 20 % 70. Get about four one way commutes ( about 100 km ) before I swap.... Silca illustrated this in a variety of conditions chains before waxing on writing answers. If cross chaining lube I had around got used on the dirt bikes too raise is that the stock grease. Bunch up and leave the chain dry days and a wet rag link instead, × link. I don ’ t need an ultrasound, just seems to stay on longer or oily dust.. To any other spray when first applied, just an experience ) but there are quite a of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!