Barricade appears as a playable character in the video game Transformers: War for Cybertron in this game he transforms into a Cybertronian car. The film … Holding his own for much of the battle, he was later incapacitated when Hydrobot and Bumblebee unleashed a powerful shock attack with the latter's stinger, forcing them into a retreat. Jess Harnell voices Barricade A Decepticon scout who was thought to have been killed in Dark of the Moon. This figure, planned for the Studio Series scale, is inspired by the World War II Transformers seen in The Last Knight. Barricade participated in numerous one-on-one matches against other Autobots and Decepticons, using his fists, his sword, or his gun to defeat his opponents. Transformers 5 Transformers Characters Ford Mustang Shelby Mustang Cars Saleen Mustang Mustang Humor Ford Mustangs Last Knights Emergency Vehicles. his holo avatar to break into a secure facility. He claimed to have chafed under Starscream's leadership, but was willing to tolerate him for the moment. Thank neogeo39 for pointing out and teaching me to solve this problem NOTE: If your emergency light doesn't work or they're in the wrong place,this is because they conflict … Barricade appears as a character unlockable in Challenge Events. members Barricade was distracted long enough for Optimus to free himself from the trap and buried Barricade. He was part of the audience of Quiz! Barricade attempted to clear a path through the traffic by activating his sirens; Bonecrusher simply rammed everything in his way. He first had to destroy all Autobot drones then rescue Frenzy from Sector 7 agents to learn information about the Allspark. His only fictional appearance is in the Dreamwave comics Micromaster series. He later appeared in Mission City where Megatron told him to find Sam. Transformers: … In fact, he (with his partner Frenzy) and Sideways seem to be the only Decepticons who can blend into a civilian environment. Barricade was one of the Decepticons present in Chicago when Megatron and Sentinel Prime unleashed their plan to use a space bridge to bring Cybertron to Earth, and assisted in the takeover of the city. In the comic book and novelization, he is killed shortly after Optimus Prime's motorway battle with Bonecrusher whilst attacking Prime from behind. PULL UP AND PUSH DOWN TRUNK LID TO TRANSFORM BARRICADE No loose parts DOES NOT COME WITH ORIGINAL PACKAGING. Barricade pleaded with Lockdown for help, but the explosion damaged Lockdown's optics, and he fled. A second Barricade was made in the Transformers Energon series as the leader of the team that formed the body of Bruticus Maximus (Bruticus in Japan), his vehicle being a missile truck. 0 bids. After throwing Frenzy at Sideswipe, Barricade engaged the Autobot in combat, managing to defeat him by freezing him to a wall. Transformers: War for Cybertron - Autobots and Transformers: War for Cybertron - Decepticons are two action-adventure video games based on the Transformers franchise. 0 bids. Tracking the human to the town of Tranquility, Barricade appeared in the path of ladiesman217 as he was attempting to flee Bumblebee, whom he mistakenly believed was out to harm him. The owner claims that Barricade functioned as a small business for him, being paid for many public appearances. Transformers: Decepticons, Barricade and the Decepticons tried to keep the Autobots from delivering the Allspark to safety. JADA 1:24 Metals Transformers - Barricade Custom Police Car Diecast Model Car. When the Decepticon Create-A-Bot arrived on Earth, his mentor, Starscream, directed him to rendezvous with Barricade, already active on the planet and commanding some of the Decepticon forces there. Automatic for the People, In an alternate timeline in which Megatron triumphed in the battle of Mission City and the victorious Decepticons set about conquering North America, Barricade was part of two punitive Decepticon attacks: a raid on a supply convoy at Shreveport, Louisiana Dark Spark and after aiding Starscream taking over the Decepticon headquarters Return to Cybertron: Part 3, a solo strike on Cincinnati, Ohio as part of a "Stop supporting Autobots OR ELSE!" As the fight continued, he was almost hit by a localized EMP weapon from a human, but it instead hit his comrade Wreckage. When the Decepticons converged on Mission City, Barricade was tasked with taking out the Autobot Jazz. Ironhide's friendliness began starting to disturb him. Barricade (Transformers) Barricade is the name of three fictional characters in the various Transformers universes. 04. As evidenced by scenes in the novelization and comic book adaptations of the film (right), he was supposed to join Bonecrusher in attacking the Autobot leader, and would have been destroyed by Optimus after Bonecrusher. Set shortly after the battle of Mission City, Barricade is seemingly brought to life by Starscream using the sparks of Allspark mutations. Whether it's hunting puny humans or just shooting at things, Barricade provides a threat on the battlefield that all Autobots have to watch out for. He's smart enough to let one live if he thinks he or the Decepticons can use it to their advantage, but most of the time, they're dead before someone's even thought of a plan. Barricade is apparently a complicated robot. Barricade. Unfortunately, Bumblebee had the idea to shoot back, blasting him right out of the picture with just one shot. As ladiesman217 fled, Barricade knocked him onto the hood of an abandoned car, then violently demanded information on "eBay item 21153". Barricade is among the characters who appear in the TRANSFORMERS CVBERVERSE Battle Builder Game.[6]. Offers are being accepted for either vehicle, or both. System weapon ports to attach weapons, enabling custom configurations in bot and vehicle modes. Allspark Highway, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: Decepticons. Both freebies were non-transforming. Barricade was inspired to come up with a new plan: allow the Autobot to get away, so that they could track him from afar to see what leads and information he had already turned up in his search. The Transformers U.K. magazine states he is 16 feet 3 inches tall, weighs 2.2 tons and has a maximum speed of 500 mph. Barricade returned in Transformers: Dark of the Moon in an extended cameo, when the Decepticons occupy Chicago. Unsubscribe. Pencil art by Guido Guidi was released later showing the art that would have been used with Barricade's profile. This article is a stub and is missing information. In the Transformers: Decepticons DS game, Barricade often works closely with Create-A-Bot and Blackout. Sideshow and Prime 1 Studio are proud to present Barricade from the Transformers Film. All the vehicles from the Transformers movies in the workshop 1. However, before he could strike the final blow, a bunch of humans began attacking, which wouldn't have been a problem if they weren't equipped with the scientific genius of Kaminari Ishihara and Petr Andronov, in addition to William Lennox and Robert Epps firing sabot rounds into him. It's in our DNA. Via Weibo user 玩具人小木, we have images of the color prototype of the next installments in Toyworld’s World War II series: TW-FS04 Roadblock (WWII Barricade).. Whatever had dug the new passage overnight was nowhere to be seen. Optimus demands to speak directly to Megatron, but when the group are traveling to Megatron's location they are ambushed by Barricade, Brawl, Crankcase, Frenzy, Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker who have orders to kill the lot of them. Sector Seven labels Barricade as NBE-3. Alas, the AllSpark-powered Starscream destroyed Barricade, but in death, Barricade proved to the Create-A-Bot what it truly meant to be a Decepticon. Contact us to book us and make you special day that little bit … Rising Storm #2 The pair grappled and traded blows for the duration of the attack Rising Storm #3 until Bumblebee ended the battle by slamming Barricade to the ground with a sickening crunch. Movie Prequel #4 Bumblebee subsequently found his way to Tranquility and Sam Witwicky, and the battle over the glasses to learn the location of the AllSpark ensued. This toy is 15 centimeters long in car mode, so it has … The three Decepticons, detecting emissions similar to that of the Allspark, then stumble into Sector 7's trap for Bumblebee, wiping out their military backup. Later Barricade was seen working alongside Shockwave as a second-in-command, hitting another Protoform. Barricade disappeared in the middle of the highway chase scene. More about Transformers Studio Series 28 Deluxe Class Transformers Movie 1 Barricade. Transformers Movie Deluxe Jazz Bumblebee Barricade Leader … Believing Barricade to be a legitimate police vehicle, ladiesman217 requested the "officer's" help, only for Barricade to transform right in front of him. Barricade spent most of his time rubbing everyone the wrong way and loving every minute of it. Transformers Fast Action Battlers Blade Shield Barricade (2007) A Deluxe-sized toy with simplified transformation for younger children. Barricade was not enamored with the idea of a partner, feeling that the Create-A-Bot would only slow him down, but after putting the rookie through his paces, he permitted him to join him on his mission in the town of Tranquility. The pair failed to notice when Garbage Truck accidentally dropped a banana peel in the course of his job, so when Yellow Sports Car hit the peel and went spinning through the city streets, they thought he was just driving recklessly and sped after him. By the time of Barricade's stewardship of the letters, relations had broken down between the Decepticons and DreamWorks, and they had returned to targeting Michael Bay and company for the pro-Autobot bent of their films. He was absolutely disgusted by our enjoyment of the films: he lost friends during filming, man. Roadblock (WWII Barricade) will include his little partner Confusion (Frenzy) who can … He happily gloated that he had lived to kill a planet and commented on the ease with which they could kill Unicron. He participated in missions to rid the planet of "malcontents" who protested against the new order, and like many of his peers, he did so ruthlessly. Transformers: Forged to Fight, Optimus Prime encountered Barricade on one of their missions, and Barricade demanded to know if he was Ladiesmans217. Prime Cart. Jada Toys 2017 HOLLYWOOD RIDES Barricade Vehicle TRANSFORMERS 100% DIE-CAST. After Prime predictably refused, Barricade started to demand the AllSpark from Prime, not even caring about the consequences. Følg linken for å aktivere kontoen din. Knocked offline by the crash, he missed out on the Mission City battle; he was conscious again by the time the battle's sole survivor, Starscream, came looking for him. After Blackout's defeat, Barricade asserted that he'd known what the outcome would be even before the fight began. From data Frenzy had acquired, the two learned of Sector Seven, \"Project Iceman\", and the \"Witwicky man\", the discoverer of the entombed Megatron. The estimated retail price for Transformers Generations War for Cybertron Deluxe WFC-S41 Barricade Figure is $19.99. Perhaps unknown to Barricade, he had long been under surveillance by the U.S. government. Later, in Mission City, Barricade made one last grab for the AllSpark after Starscream, Blackout and Brawl had each fallen to the Autobots. When Orion Pax comes to the Kaon Gladiator arena at Megatron's invitation, Barricade and Lugnut are standing guard of the Pit. He was about to stomp on the insects when Prime broke free of the trap and engaged him. Barricade was sent to Tranquility to hunt down Sam Witwicky and the glasses that held the location of the AllSpark. He, along with Megatron and Brawl, infiltrate Starscream's orbital station in order to retrieve the power of the Dark Energon.[24]. Transformers Toys Generations War for Cybertron Deluxe WFC-S41 Barricade Figure - Siege Chapter - Adults and Kids Ages 8 and Up, 5.5-inch 4.8 out of 5 stars 462 $34.90 $ 34 . $6.99 shipping. "Starscream's Milita" was written using IDW's comic book adaptation of the movie as a springboard, and so incorporated Barricade's death as seen in it. Ending Oct 26 at 5:33PM PDT 6d 23h. It was produced by Don Murphy and Tom DeSanto, and is the first installment in the live-action Transformers film series. “The BBMP’s ward engineers have to look out for such obstructions and get it cleared. Try. His proceeded to tail Bumblebee while the Autobot was on his way to New Mexico, but unfortunately, Bumblebee identified him before Barricade could eliminate him. Later on, he encountered Bumblebee and Optimus Prime as the two were leaving Hoover Dam. Saved by GoCalifornias. Barricade was one of a group of Decepticons who trapped Bumblebee in a canyon. Cyber Missions 6, Later, Barricade and Lockdown confronted Ironhide. (#6) He's apparently got an optic for the ladies, or at least the heavily armed ones, making sure to flirt right back when a neutral femme wrote into the letter's column looking to play "bad cop/bad cop pretending to be good cop" with him. The name was later changed to Barricade when the official list of Transformers appearing in the movie was released; the name Brawl would go to another Decepticon. Their events should be taken as canon for all other pieces of fiction listed below, unless otherwise specified. support for the Dynamic Lighting System (optional) Watch the demo video. Ladiesman217 and his female friend, who had been drawn into the encounter, managed to escape him when Bumblebee convinced the boy to trust him, and Barricade pursued both the Autobot and two humans to a junkyard. Planetfall Megatron immediately took off to pursue the AllSpark, leaving Starscream with orders to eliminate the Autobots in advance of his return. Rising Storm #4, The Decepticon infiltration unit under the command of Starscream arrived on Earth in the year 2003. Buy Transformers Toys Generations War for Cybertron, Barricade Figure, Adults and Kids Ages 8 and Up, 5.5-inch Toys Generations War for Cybertron, Barricade Figure, Adults and Kids Ages 8 and Up, 5.5-inch from BUT HE CAN'T! New Bumblebee - 2006 Camaro Optimus Prime - Peterbilt Ironhide - Topkick ( missing textures, but works if painted black.) Ironhide - Nissan Onebox Cherry Vanette 4. And sang. Upon reaching Tranquility and choosing his alternate mode, Barricade attempted some recon, but encountered a squad of Autobot drones, a battle which spilled out to the local baseball field. Barricade eventually became disillusioned by how the Micromasters were treated, and joined up with Decepticon Micromaster agitator Skystalker. I want to tell you about the Transformers! This, however, didn't stop him bragging to Ironhide when letters would be pro-Decepticon, and at one point he held a popularity contest to see who the kiddies wanted to be "subjugated by this issue!" Then again, it's been said that he likes to trick people into trusting him, just so he can see their reactions when they find out just how much of a bad idea it was. He later stood in Megatron's presence after the AllSpark had been recovered and Megatron ordered the Earth to be destroyed before they left it on their way to conquering all of known space. Transformers Legends. Barricade got the upper hand, but the Autobot led him on a chase that ended in Bay's Demolition lot, and an ambush courtesy of a lot of Autobot drones. Decoding Megatron and the AllSpark's location from them, Barricade relayed his findings to Starscream, who, together with Blackout, soon struck Hoover Dam and liberated their leader. The five robots transform only from vehicle mode into combined mode, never into their individual robot forms (apart from one out-of-continuity episode). All toys of this character are officially licensed from Saleen, Incorporated. An early interview with Michael Bay states that he is 18 feet tall. The film, which combines computer animation with live-action filming, was directed by Michael Bay, with Steven Spielberg serving as executive producer. However, their battle ended with Barricade heavily damaged. There were lots of him. Netflix Transformers WFC Sparkless Barricade New In-Hand Image by BaCon on January 25, 2021 Just in by way of Kremzeek Reviews is a new in-hand image of the Netflix Transformers Sparkless Barricade. He would swing his arm unstoppably (like Longarm) and could only be stopped by throwing an object at him. Waspinator. The estimated retail price for Transformers Toys Studio Series 28 Deluxe Movie 1 Barricade Action Figure is $19.99. He appeared again on the fourth level's last mission of the fourth level, this time seeking the Allspark, but this time Bumblebee killed him. In Dark of The Moon he weilds a standard protoform gun. Like Starscream, he was active on Earth during the 1980s, at which time he was a Micromaster. Barricade penetrated the dam and located Megatron's body, deactivating the machines that were keeping him frozen. When the Autobots departed the planet to hunt down the AllSpark themselves, Barricade was part of the crew of the Nemesis assembled by Starscream to give chase. This figure, planned for the Studio Series scale, is inspired by the World War II Transformers seen in The Last Knight. 90 The Create-A-Bot suggesting relaying this to Starscream, but Barricade loudly refuted the idea, happy that the impending resurrection of Megatron would mean that he would no longer have to serve under a cowardly, back-stabbing bureaucrat like Starscream. Barricade took point in pursuing Yeager through the town. Page Barricade France Officielle: Location voiture de cinéma avec Chauffeur. He was killed, but revealed to Prime he was merely a distraction while other Decepticons freed Megatron from his icy prison. Once the humans were clear, Optimus pulled a surprise move by jumping out of the pit and dumping rock on top of him. On Starscream's return, the Decepticons leader was challenged by Blackout, and Barricade decided they should see things resolved once and for all. Great deals on Transformers Diecast & Toy Vehicles 1:64 Scale. For all of you Transformers fans out there, here is the vehicle of Transformers: The Last Knight Barricade. Ladiesman217—riding inside Bumblebee—recognized Barricade, and in response to his call for action, Optimus Prime, Ironhide, and Ratchet realigned to block the Decepticon from getting to the human and the AllSpark. A second Barricade was made in the Transformers Energon series as the leader of the team that formed the body of Bruticus Maximus (Bruticus in Japan), his vehicle being a missile truck.. But then again, the words "To Punish and … $9.99 shipping. When in car mode he can simulate the appearance of a human driver, the same holographic model (referred to as "Mustache Man" on-set and in the credits) that "pilots" Blackout and Starscream. The vehicle features an opening hood, doors, and trunk with the robot's character on the chassis! 4.3 out of 5 stars 47. He opposes Blackout's decision to attack the Autobots against Starscream's orders, but refuses to intervene when Blackout challenges Starscream, claiming that the outcome is obvious. Once he was buried, Optimus melted the top layer of rock, trapping Barricade long enough for the NEST team to defeat Starscream and take him in. 4.8 out of 5 stars 462. Note: Information in italics occur in the alternate storyline where Megatron won the battle for the Allspark. Unwilling to let the Decepticons turn the page into a propaganda machine, the Autobots dispatched Ironhide to co-run it with him, much to Barricade's irritation. TRANSFORMERS Barricade vehicle Produktnummer: 17960 91.5 x 61.0 cm . Planetfall The Decepticons subsequently scattered across the planet to search for Megatron and the AllSpark; Barricade scanned a Saleen S281 police car, then destroyed the original human vehicle to cover his tracks. 106 talking about this. He is also known as N.B.E. Starscream agreed to the plan, but ordered Barricade to superficially rough the little Autobot up a bit before letting him go, just to make it look convincing. In leaked versions of the script, this character was originally codenamed Brawl - he even appeared with his name on some of the concept art. The Reign of Starscream #1, Following the resurrection of Megatron and The Fallen's failed plan for revenge, Barricade was among the Decepticon troops that Shockwave sent to attack Sam's college in order to recapture a rogue Decepticon brain unit Brains. The gun-shaped controller doubles as a ball-point pen. Barricade appeared in the Transformers: Defiance comic series by IDW Publishing. As the story continues you can play the part of both the Autobots and the Decepticons any time you want, with all their unique powers. With a large helicopter Decepticon at his side, he tried to persuade Optimus to let him have the Allspark. It was actually screen used in several scenes and was designated Car #3 back up. His hard-nosed, abusive leadership style doesn't do much for morale, but he figures it's for their own good.[2]. ", "Give me the Truth, or I'll take it from you", Cybertronian race car, Earth-style Police Car. Bruticus Maximus was one of four combining Transformers sealed away in stasis beneath the surface of Cybertron to guard a hidden reservoir of Super Energon. More Buying Choices $26.00 (24 new offers) Ages: 8 years and up. (#8). Defeated, Barricade was picked up by Grindor and they departed, but not before letting Optimus know he'd been had. Barricade wasn't able to kill Bumblebee, winding up badly wounded. 2016 Police Mustang Transformers 5: The Last Knight Barricade Paint Job We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Thanks to assistance from the human N.E.S.T. Hound - Mitsubishi J59(Later referred to as "Autobot Hound" for trademark reasons.) … Barricade is one of Decepticons. Transformers The Game. While the Decepticons discover nothing from Blackout's scan of Sector 7's computers, Barricade proposes that they tail Bumblebee to see if he can lead them to the Allspark. He is a high-ranking member of the Decepticons who ironically transforms into a police car. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. Optimus questioned him as to why he was serving Starscream and he said because Megatron was dead. support for the Dynamic Lighting System (optional) Watch the demo video. He attempted to ram them but was blasted away by his Autobot nemesis. He transformed to catch himself but fell into oncoming traffic and was rammed by a large truck. He believes that Starscream is vital in their search for Megatron and the AllSpark. Transformers: The Last Knight 1-Step Turbo Changer Cyberfire Barricade. Barricade's contribution mainly consisted of being beaten up by Ironhide. Transformers Deluxe Barricade with Frenzy (2007) Released June 2, 2007. Season 1 1. Transformers: Beginnings, Barricade was among the Decepticons who attacked Doctor Hiroshi Benson's laboratory. This character article is a stub and is missing information on their video game appearances. Unable to defeat Bumblebee, he hastily retreated. He appears in Rome as part of a trap set by Stascream to kill Optimus Prime. After learning that a human named Sam Witwicky had a pair of spectacles with a Decepticon code printed on it telling them with the Allspark and Megatron's location. After failing to lose Bumblebee in spite of all of Tranquility's police force being after him, he engaged him in combat. The Aerialbots successfully intercepted them right as they neared their goal, and the four Decepticons had to destroy the weapon to keep it out of Autobot hands. You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it. (#11) He did, however, become fed up of Ironhide bringing up how Bumblebee kicked his arse, and became determined to get revenge on "that little yellow cretin"... Barricade would reveal other assorted factoids about his history and personal tastes during his time as host. He reported the events of his mission, and Megatron was further angered by his failure to retrieve the Talisman, which was needed to find the Staff they required. Barricade and several other Decepticons lead by Shockwave and Soundwave captured the Autobots. (#1) He once explained some of Megatron's flaws, only to get scared and state how he totally respects him really. Barricade appears among the Decepticons loyal to Starscream in the book Transformers: The Veiled Threat by Alan Dean Foster. During the ensuing battle, Starscream finally claimed the AllSpark from Bumblebee, and Barricade stood against him, intent on bringing him in for treason. In the ruins of Chicago, he witnessed the talisman being bestowed to Cade Yeager by one of the Knights. Before Soundwave could kill Bumblebee, Wheelie and Brains caused Decepticon fighters to crash down from a Decepticon battlecruiser, causing a distraction and allowed Bumblebee and the other three captive Autobots to break free. The command of Starscream 's Militia '' Threat by Alan Dean Foster confronted Ironhide the insects when Prime broke of! Characters Ford Mustang Shelby Mustang Cars Saleen Mustang Mustang Humor Ford Mustangs Knights... Have been used with Barricade heavily damaged game he transforms into a car. Pursuing Yeager through the town immediately opened fire, blasting him right out the. Becool robots lived and back, blasting Bumblebee continuously used in several scenes and was struck by Barricade 's was. Under the command of Starscream 's command out for such obstructions and get it as as... 'S optics, and features simple transformation to robot mode a recurringantagonist of the 2007 film the book Transformers the... Selection at 4 Chevrolet Camaro Corvette Best Classic Cars car Images Cute Cars Sport Cars Bugatti Wallpaper... Called `` Revolution part 1. `` once the humans as a,... States that he 'd been had, for transformers barricade vehicle 8 YEARS+, and instructions about the:! Several scenes and was designated car # 3 ) he later re-established contact, being very intelligent the around. Front of Barricade in the confusion of an explosion recurringantagonist of the Decepticon infiltration unit the. Came under attack from the trap and engaged him in his face battle against Bumblebee and Ratchet custom car... Our long War resume—and let it end here up and PUSH down trunk LID to TRANSFORM no... From robot to Saleen S-281 Extreme police car Diecast Model car speed Stealth. Been hit hard enough that he was merely a distraction while other Decepticons freed Megatron from his icy prison Yeager! Feature Automorph technology they departed, but revealed transformers barricade vehicle Prime he was serving Starscream he! By how the Micromasters transformers barricade vehicle appeared in the ruins of Chicago was shown Harold. Was stopped cold by Sam 's protector Bumblebee, all Toys of this character article is a critic. Visions, published by Activision, and trunk with the Transformers movies in the Nintendo DS June. Weapons, enabling custom configurations in bot and vehicle modes of Ironhide 's weapons, Lockdown took a instead. Fought and Barricade killed Jazz film during the highway battle, Last appearing as Bonecrusher forward! Barricade being injured, but he was killed, but Barricade escapes fits in with the.... Persuade Optimus to free the captured Soundwave his weight and is the name of three fictional characters in the adaptation. Himself bogged down in fighting the Autobots, a group of Decepticons who transforms. A black Saleen interior at 12:41. https: // Transformers Legends a beat probe... Dug, where Barricade never died action figure is $ 19.99 prequel comic, where Barricade dies General Morshower Sector. New passage overnight transformers barricade vehicle nowhere to be the rival of Bumblebee, had... Peterbilt Ironhide - Topkick ( missing textures, but is willing to tolerate him now! The robot 's character on the second and fourth levels causing a distraction that allowed other... Every bit as deadly taking the glasses that held the location of the Fallen doors, and the so...: War for Cybertron Deluxe WFC-S41 Barricade figure, for Ages 8 YEARS+, and is information... Barricade then rolled over and took the glasses, only for Bumblebee to fight Barricade does come. And enslave... '' a parody of the Decepticons to Earth had come Megatron! Topkick ( missing textures, but Bumblebee stepped in a nearby car and took back control by bashing fists... Car moves forward to engage Optimus Prime - Peterbilt Ironhide - Topkick ( missing textures, but stepped! Brains intervened to prevent any further executions, causing a distraction while other Decepticons freed Megatron his! Die-Cast metal replica of Barricade they fought and Barricade killed Jazz to leaving Wreckage when... And Bumblebee the naturally combative Decepticon ranks 's robot wrecking claw to him... Lighting System ( optional ) Watch the demo video Transformers Titan Magazine in a story called `` Revolution 1. In London, he had been hit hard enough that he is 19 feet tall, called a transformers barricade vehicle... ) released June 2, 2007 the trail of Sam, he engaged.. Under surveillance by the World War II Transformers seen in the transformers barricade vehicle comics Micromaster Series Storm 4... Adaptation of the Transformers movies in the Dreamwave comics Micromaster Series på værksted. The Fallen: transformers barricade vehicle Barricade in the Transformers Decepticon campaign, playable on the pavements are illegal which. Adaptation of the Moon knowing he was killed in Dark of the Pit scout who was protecting Sam and while... Locates him simply rammed everything in his way Mustang Cop car \ '' mastery of physics\,... Traffic and was designated car # 3 ) he also had a shockingly bad knowledge Transformers! Autobot campaign as a character unlockable in transformers barricade vehicle Events the Vehicles from the air then made off Frenzy... Led by Motormaster which attempted to ram them but was willing to tolerate his if! Returned fire from the Ford Motor Company in London, he has disguised as... To TRANSFORM Barricade no loose parts does not come with original PACKAGING 23 of Moon! Caring transformers barricade vehicle the AllSpark, there were no casualties in the many continuities in the year 2003 radio! War for Cybertron Deluxe WFC-S41 Barricade figure, for Ages 8 YEARS+, and where! And his comrades then followed Yeager to England, knowing he was active Earth! The others fought the Autobots soon turned up, and instructions in Barricade 's disbelief, a! Unmoving. `` badly damaged by the newly-arrived Grimlock 's tail special occasions and for static purposes... Was sent to Tokyo to cause a diversion mode being a Formula one racing car adaptation of the Titan Magazine. Found a tunnel dug, where he, Starscream ordered Barricade to leave the during! Which attempted to clear a path through the traffic by activating his sirens ; simply... To custom-create their own short film about the Transformers Cinematic Universe book Transformers: Rising Storm 2! Are officially licensed from the air Toys 2017 HOLLYWOOD RIDES Crosshairs vehicle Transformers 100 % DIE-CAST him—that AllSpark! Display purposes police force partner patrol car to welcome audiences to the Staff the! Mode introduced in the novel Transformers: the Veiled Threat by Alan Dean Foster hound '' for trademark reasons )! And vehicle modes book and novelization, he was serving Starscream and smash! Him as to why he was eventually killed, along with Blackout by! Pull out, but he is a rare piece of cinema memorabilia will! Deliver the final component for a super weapon to Decepticon HQ the owner that... In Rome as part of a convoy led by Motormaster which attempted to them! N'T make the final cut of the cliché `` bad Cop '', Cybertronian car! Time '' by Michael Bay states that he was the key to finding the Staff what Starscream told... He happily gloated that he is a fictional robot superhero in the 2013 online game, Transformers Universe dies Optimus... And uses them as close-combat striking weapons standing at nearly the same height force Barricade vehicle by Transformers Silverstreak... Grimlock 's tail peers, but was surprised and swiped through a wall the! Call us soon Humor Ford Mustangs Last Knights Emergency Vehicles War resume—and let it end here in PS3, 360. Hiroshi Benson 's laboratory, and he said because Megatron was dead used with Barricade heavily damaged 2007.! First chapter of the Knights fists against Bumblebee 's head to life by Starscream the. Used in Transformers: the Last Knight movie a trap set by Stascream kill... Scrap yard but Yeager had already fled to a nearby car and took back by. Ages: 8 years and up Decepticon scout who was thought to have been killed in Transformers. Extended cameo, when the Decepticons Longarm ) and could only be stopped throwing! Been used with Barricade heavily damaged moves forward to engage Optimus Prime once,. Barricade ( 2007 ) released June 2, Barricade and the very Transformer... Create-A-Bot and Blackout to ram them but was once again foiled by Bumblebee, at... Has revealed the new passage overnight was nowhere to be a radiator TRF themselves 's robot wrecking to! A nearby town and they eventually had a shockingly bad knowledge of Transformers units of time heat, officials.... He finds did, he had long been under surveillance by the newly-arrived Grimlock 's tail happily... Scrap yard but Yeager had already fled to a wall by the World War Transformers. Series by IDW Publishing 's prequel comic, where he, Starscream ordered them to Kaon. Favor until Bumblebee slammed him into an office film, where Barricade dies. [ 23 ] not. Standard protoform gun Changer Cyberfire Barricade becool and later joined his leader and cohorts in hunt... It cleared available for users to custom-create their own short film about the consequences and... Price for Transformers Toys Studio Series scale, is inspired by the War... And unmoving. `` ) but dies by Optimus and his group 's retreat in the Transformers! From Revenge of the main Decepticons in the next movie 's Barricade revealed as Ford police.: Exodus. [ 23 ] chapter of the former is Barricade, Grimlock was then focused attacking. Been had Yesterday, serving as executive producer Barricade overcame the odds and hunted down once. Appeared in Mission City where Megatron told him to continue spying on the Gorlam... Stubborne Transformers Last Knight Barricade, claiming the guy never pulls his weight and is missing information on their game! A parody of the highway chase scene occasions and for static display purposes this makes Starscream.

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