At least one of your parents or grandparents held Slovenian citizenship. The preliminary minimum investment amount could be from 1 million euros. Scenario 3 – exceptional naturalisation (over 36): You are over 36 years of age and cannot register to citizenship of the Republic of Slovenia anymore. Also included was a proposal to offer a flat 10% tax on individuals whose annual income exceeds a million euros, a measure Simič hopes will entice professional athletes and other high income earners to take up tax residency in Investments can … Advantages of Slovenian citizenship by investment. There is also more documentation necessary when applying for a residence permit through investment… The requirement for extension of the residence permit and processing of the citizenship of Slovenia, is to contribute to the main capital of own company and to confirm stable profitability of the business. Citizenship by investment is also possible for significant investors, but no program of the sort exists. The repatriation program allows you to obtain Slovenian passport in less than 1 year. While Slovenia doesn’t have a Golden Visa program per se, you do have the option of obtaining Slovenian residency by making an eligible business investment with a property component. You may obtain Slovenian citizenship: if at least one of your parents is a Slovenian citizen by birth, if parents are unknown or without citizenship, or their citizenship is unknown if you are a foreigner and you fulfil the conditions and submit an application – the process is called naturalisation. Minimal investment amount is €50,000. Applicants need to petition the government and demonstrate that they have provided exceptional contribution to Slovenia. SLOVENIAN CITIZENSHIP program cost: €40 000. Live and work in the EU. Certified agents of Public Investments Solutions S.R L. prepare documentary confirmation of your ancestor's affiliation with Slovenia for submission to authorized state authority. Slovenian citizenship may be acquired by origin, which means that a person gets citizenship of the Republic of Slovenia through his or her parents or at least one of them, provided that the parent is a Slovenian citizen at the time of the birth.. Slovenian citizenship can be also acquired by naturalisation. The Slovenian government will consider a proposal to launch a citizenship or residence permit programme for investment. Slovenia Citizenship. Slovenian Immigration Legislation determines 2 ways of obtaining Slovenian citizenship by foreigners - repatriation and naturalization. If one or both of your parents were citizens when you were born, you are probably also a citizen. Slovenian citizenship is assigned on the grounds of Article 12 of the Citizenship … Slovenia is always open for people with potential.Slovenian citizenship by investment in the Slovenian Golden Passport Program is the fastest way to get a passport . In special cases, Slovenian citizenship may You can acquire Slovenian citizenship if you register it prior to reaching the age of 36 years. Setting up a business in Slovenia is a step-by-step process and a great deal of paperwork has to be completed, documents provided, and filed with the relevant authorities. If your spouse is a citizen or permanent resident of Slovenia, you are probably eligible for residency.